BLOC Crypto Currency Digital Cash

Decentralized cryptocurrency with egalitarian Proof Of Work

BLOC.MONEY : Symbol Ƀ - Ticker: BLOC is a fully decentralized cryptocurrency - Egalitarian Proof Of Work with Cryptonight Haven algorithm - based on open source Cryptonote technology. Secure, Private, Intraceable, POW, Fungible, using low & fix rate fees per transaction with adaptative parameters and fast transactions speed with a new block released every two minutes.

Our crypto currency BLOC explorer shows the latest blocks in the blockchain. Clicking on a specific network block will provide you with more information regarding its size, when it was found, and more importantly, which transactions it contains.

Our BLOC explorer is also a valuable tool to see how the current block reward is distributed to the miners. BLOC explorer can also search for Payment IDs, Block hash, Block height, Transaction hash.

Every new Ƀ BLOC transaction that is validated by the network will automatically be added to the pool, where it awaits confirmations from miners.

The BLOC explorer quickly become your best friend to verify transactions on the Ƀ BLOC blockchain network.


Server time CEST 2022.Jan.22 - 11:18:36

Ƀ BLOC coin maximum supply
50 000 000 BLOC
Ƀ BLOC coin circulating supply
21 265 697 BLOC
Emission rate
42.5314 %
Network Hashrate
59.73 KH/s
Total transactions inc. reward
Total transactions exc. reward
Transaction(s) in pool
Block Height
Previous block
Network mining difficulty
Alternative blocks count
Grey Peers
White Peers
Incoming connections
Outgoing connections
Server status
UTC Server Time
2022-01-22 11:18:36


If you are using Telegram® this is a great way to check for a transaction and get Ƀ BLOC blockchain informations without having to quit your favorite messenger. My name is Ƀ BLOC XPLORER BOT. Send me a Block Height, Block Hash, or Transaction Hash and i will tell you what i know. I`m available 24/7 at your services and fueled by the BLOC community.

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Recent(s) transaction(s) waiting to be included into a block

Once a miner picks up the transaction(s) for inclusion in the next block, it will automatically receive its first confirmation and be added to the blockchain blocks list.

Amount TX Hash
10.7700 BLOC cbdff488deea91c7c9cd7740f5545cf3d30c87eb7996232ee474e941a0cfaad3

Recent blocks list

Freshly mined blocks by the miners. Click on a specific block height or block hash to get more informations and transactions included inside that block.

Date Height Block HASH