Block Informations

Ƀ BLOC blockchain explorer & block informations

Ƀ BLOC coin maximum supply
50 000 000 BLOC
Ƀ BLOC coins circulating Supply
11 201 049.4033 BLOC
Time Stamp
2019-08-15 00:38:11
Block Height
Block Hash
Previous Hash
Block Size
20.08 KB
Confirmations (Depth)
Network mining difficulty
Size Median
Effective Size Median
Base Reward
18.5007 BLOC
Total Fee Amount
0.0021 BLOC
Total transactions inc. reward
Transactions Cumulative Size
19.08 KB
Orphan Status

Block contains following transaction(s) list

(The first transaction of a block is always the reward sent to the miners of this block. Number of transactions : 22)

TX Hash Out Fee Size
b0291cb6ea85453b81a8bc674a08c7dd9a8f98bdb2704ad3c6b7341aaf302076 18.5028 BLOC 0.0000 BLOC 238 bytes
41dfc38e434b76869d666a513ea56851db2245ae812acec76ebd90ac5fa71a7f 9.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 351 bytes
cd331db7f0022034535516ac6706b8887cc059be26ecd41f0d5ed7c3228bfeac 4.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 386 bytes
383b9f9f80b2af505fa70335616efd9440aa9b0095e7200f46774e9081ea7673 5.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 387 bytes
9f8626a0467cfef557968a0b21e1a5c96ffad141bd33b153f439d20799caefb2 9.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 387 bytes
a02162d5835a7b590e76338e1ef11d4932de1f991f963e4c3fcbfe3ae1569d1f 7.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 421 bytes
6a989c9053af1426f041bd960ea25342770ccc84fd62e48f415887d3a02c412c 5.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 421 bytes
3ee17d7c73c8e631cde709f52616ded08368de359d8e3569db5f38460c48f389 3.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 421 bytes
9093d39b5ce7609fff8b19a863d13fb7bd6f9d0a6a7582f3e0c222db66615c6f 7.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 421 bytes
867331ffd7db8c867833dbf17d9b9beda0001b581e16b4ea738e577de381c0d8 9.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 421 bytes
bcfb03b948209d8e9ed284c4ba296a8545d266e4bc6f6a6bd84235ca91782fe6 2.7999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 488 bytes
06bc7313ba2950213364e37af080634314570e0513f25edfc4cefc49db075599 6.9999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 524 bytes
ec6878b5b72fc579fa86f1ff3bf062abf6c6b2605ce22ae16e1646c669ced5b4 1.8999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 555 bytes
344fe00fc765d8755346dff06aa1635924a1bb58fb733ade4f0d91bb01df5bb7 6.0049 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 558 bytes
434d095e0267db198c0f89eaa2833e34e922ba8f5daa3d22c9d979a9df3d5c2a 8.0008 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 625 bytes
1856e231c9c43ce1b3f3bdf25fe8ceb9560ddad041c949927a15cabca79e8b08 22.6999 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 697 bytes
f5d938b4d17548f22f3a120fcae390bdad0187e89da23dd9d75cfee0621308f7 1.9019 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 726 bytes
f8840eb4d0bbad721256d5b5905d83bce12e4346f2b1b69baeee1ba181c7ef6d 4.1802 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 763 bytes
a5f743ce6efd67b13af2330d755cd0aadcf2cd760ec21134e24e730bbb08ea82 9.0149 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 900 bytes
526d9d069bf3cdee8af7bba4b96367b8dcd8f6b599c70eec0b92bda769330f5e 47.1632 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 2.16 KB
ea2ce3c06c7ba860363d38770d0a41c60b6064406148893971e2f2d86cff24ff 84.3208 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 3.50 KB
8a485cd0f6418b8d66c07fcd04bace1a16a605e38627b1cf8fecf28cfc434ae0 66.2850 BLOC 0.0001 BLOC 3.96 KB

Cryptocurrency powered by an open-source blockchain with anonymous transactions

The blockchain is the technology allowing to send money without the need of intermediaries

The blockchain is a decentralized memory of all transactions. Meaning that its records are shared between every user in the network. Every operation in the order, dating back to the very first, is engraved in the Blockchain. You can browse through the Blockchain using the "BLOC Explorer".

No one has the possibility to rewrite or modify the Blockchain ledger, the protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Everyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and running the software.

The BLOC.MONEY Ƀ BLOC is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses a universal open-source public ledger like Bitcoin. However, unlike the blockchain technology that powers many other cryptocurrencies, Ƀ BLOC currency make it essentially impossible to tell which party sent money and which party received money on the blockchain. All that can be seen is an approximate amount of money that was sent in the transaction. Except for the sender and the beneficary of course.

No third party is required to keep your safe. Nobody can seize your You are the only reponsible of your fund. You and only you can control your fund. You are your own bank.

Cryptonote technology also relies on a hash-based proof-of-work algorithm that is significantly different than that of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Ƀ BLOC uses a memory-bound function called CryptoNight Haven. Our Proof Of Work algortyhm is designed to make low end and high end hardware mining roughly equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. This can help mining to remain a lot more distributed, as opposed to centralized. The algorithms behind CryptoNote technology also enable protection against double spending, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian proof of work, and adaptive parameters.

it is about time to change the world we are living in and provide a better future to our progeny. A real decentralized world. That's one of our mission with Ƀ BLOC to build a more open, accessible, and fair financial future. Our technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering users across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately and without costly intermediaries.

Find out more about the BLOC.MONEY. Visit the official BLOC.MONEY website. You are also welcome on the BLOC.MONEY Telegram® group.