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0.0000 BLOC
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2019-05-15 20:45:40
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73809 a77aa8e354b5e7a27489d7d11d2b4f177533a43a662f1d85b4452371afabdc8c 0
62580 96604ea5a97934b9aa1defaec487f1b42d47a074ff529511f60590aabc206594 0
62581 aadda82a8f5702a73a24722ed8300ac329e200bf16212e45f54ed39be6cf54cb 0
59550 34183e027d9139ee4dcc53acdf72e77f0856a6ea6d5c97214f640c4ebff4a7d7 0
61479 f891e27dae806ec95b5722c8f42022420d25e62c720bfd1135dfc6759620979b 0
61480 83c540e484d49b257ec99143eb17acddbf4cac6184f1ddd28f3b90bf03ca604e 0
61482 f4c1df377d89c2334b9f11fa929b1034ec9e62fbd053b84ad52f646be3995c62 0
361915 ebfc43be58d2e2d74f1e672216f95faa7a127e07455463e30cfd89bae1313d90 0
361894 f7bde11daf28d93d1f93bfc401c43ba814adab6fc0620529d86cfb0611cffec0 0
361913 c2c3f128f92131abe1547af79d32239dd0aa603f46904f7f0db6fba7bf383eb2 0
361912 3debff50ecd44da0cdf6459c29a54edd092ab89e0e321074b91b0a58a06fb0ca 0
361911 1d799af048059c04dd4482bc3814dcc1c0b01986ef8ae4b33422fcb560cde9b0 0
361910 4112f9308b728ed8eab0edfd4b760a100dfd5388c8dcf6603be2357288bb492f 0
361909 b2e2c5c205d616eadb43cfd629dc35f0f3f1881fb6936cb54c58b0d700f7413c 0
361905 0c4476408a0eb90649b256014b1ad628cc234347d082d42eb2797637f771c156 0
361904 dff5226728c84e9fa641d4d601af3685f2623927ef6fff28ceb20ea590d45c30 0
361903 0de3c0109b6c9a28210fa0632746d5fdb4e924c1798c754d07fae661d88a6343 0
361899 bffbdf796dd8efcc8b563503807b8cccc680bcc049158c993f684214a0a0a19e 0
361898 c6d9e81e56deb34103356abd574f28369bd8efab8a2ef599c2400622a8f29947 0
361897 51eb7fde7cd191505734c1eac379e3c8de55f17a63ede9162906b5538a7b0ffb 0
361896 359b123ccec3572052c009db8fdf90756076832e4e5dcd41968272027e2744bc 0
361895 ba6c4495396ef7ef054f9e00788a8474bd9cfb46705f7f2ffa7819da5f1ce311 0

Cryptocurrency powered by an open-source blockchain with anonymous transactions

The blockchain is the technology allowing to send money without the need of intermediaries

The blockchain is a decentralized memory of all transactions. Meaning that its records are shared between every user in the network. Every operation in the order, dating back to the very first, is engraved in the Blockchain. You can browse through the Blockchain using the "BLOC Explorer".

No one has the possibility to rewrite or modify the Blockchain ledger, the protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Everyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and running the software.

The BLOC.MONEY Ƀ BLOC is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses a universal open-source public ledger like Bitcoin. However, unlike the blockchain technology that powers many other cryptocurrencies, Ƀ BLOC currency make it essentially impossible to tell which party sent money and which party received money on the blockchain. All that can be seen is an approximate amount of money that was sent in the transaction. Except for the sender and the beneficary of course.

No third party is required to keep your safe. Nobody can seize your You are the only reponsible of your fund. You and only you can control your fund. You are your own bank.

Cryptonote technology also relies on a hash-based proof-of-work algorithm that is significantly different than that of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Ƀ BLOC uses a memory-bound function called CryptoNight Haven. Our Proof Of Work algortyhm is designed to make low end and high end hardware mining roughly equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. This can help mining to remain a lot more distributed, as opposed to centralized. The algorithms behind CryptoNote technology also enable protection against double spending, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian proof of work, and adaptive parameters.

it is about time to change the world we are living in and provide a better future to our progeny. A real decentralized world. That's one of our mission with Ƀ BLOC to build a more open, accessible, and fair financial future. Our technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering users across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately and without costly intermediaries.

Find out more about the BLOC.MONEY. Visit the official BLOC.MONEY website. You are also welcome on the BLOC.MONEY Telegram® group.