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TX Hash
0.0005 BLOC
45.8817 BLOC
2.53 KB
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Time Stamp
2019-11-08 17:33:45
Cumul Size
8.31 KB
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Image Target Amount
334a1ba6b20b1b6aeffdbec077709d2697eeb06eb91d01f91fcb954b99f7cc07 02 0.0007 BLOC
9b685e432a3a7fdd6fdb9bac1c4d4b70fb69cdc152bceb89b0f61880fb33c1cc 02 0.0007 BLOC
8fdf8934680d9201c49aa7864b689ae3c4ccb6666924814442055d5f0a3518f5 02 0.0007 BLOC
3e1b72e664383a38cf08c3b9c436f808833ccd391a918304bea4e8dc417f1441 02 0.0007 BLOC
96776ce7703f8af89c18e190a08238181e0ace5e83cd135d6773d64ade385b11 02 0.0007 BLOC
feca007657bd6ea3cb23f8bc59d1a86957da3c0aebf873ad2289189a20f37f38 02 0.0007 BLOC
b1d3539876d434bc8499979bf15835e6abbe6cceb890fe93ff407da8fdb96540 02 0.0007 BLOC
add6f18724dbddb6727ede36709bf1adb47b740ad7614e64f4bb396356aec165 02 0.0007 BLOC
b18ce599970116f5f7c5cd84c5e869e1198eb5f88b1e7ae6d0c04a5c17af0594 02 0.0007 BLOC
14cc71fa7980e1369d907bb840b96c77b40309ded5544fa8655fe159fedc07aa 02 0.0007 BLOC
77359f03d7046650d7746380ea4e82d707bf82c7c3fcffa03bfe396bcd90cace 02 0.0007 BLOC
41fa6d022221151355ae21dcccd6098ee2a4dbb97cbfc66bec8e7f77c71ad5f4 02 0.0007 BLOC
72915edde196e475469bd6d73eab1b21c538a2e7cda132ef25feae7fb45a7cd6 02 0.0007 BLOC
41ee5617831f78375bfc742487e30ab4e650342ee97fc8c9117c8c09dea02558 02 0.0007 BLOC
f4f1ecc29f8b87f9cf38a90f5572bfd017e6a3bc2fc647d0fc9ff5273a8e0808 02 0.0007 BLOC
2d9ee2311c01e89c06748b25690eac22dbe7f1e1e80c587c2488a6fe788e8591 02 0.0007 BLOC
6fb50df12c5c180852d86e61ef8e71671978a72685e0f4dea547464d99e0d43d 02 0.0007 BLOC
4ab9d8bd1b2b6a2429a819137e86b1ff396469371ec7b7ebbe66747ad4756cdf 02 0.0007 BLOC
807ec9750fe4dbae083e85d4ef7ec1fd1adf665031d78af20e2c7f17c706c607 02 0.0007 BLOC
545a82157a75a57577f1228bbc1ca4cb1c0912ed0c4ac7beb6e4b8ece2d82991 02 0.0007 BLOC
41c0cbd9978ba996497ae6930380d0db2c7d3d8908d97519a05f81d6e42cda2e 02 0.0007 BLOC
78f2ba93d8b704d29a5ce6a7fcc7c826265834b482ad6d2787fd5080b7f43fae 02 0.0007 BLOC
a6b16b9068fb1f465a7f7034ed2921a29d4a09a983f2c6b8d0ec55b8b2a83ea0 02 0.0007 BLOC
4568c01ea2ff40108a52eff683aa1896ff1a7dde2c08862a5f8397ebbc94b523 02 0.0007 BLOC
873e1e23f0f287e67d38bcd88db31a41fb6f63a0ea3209150b2bffce44970131 02 0.0007 BLOC
6c1d5a8f7f4d81e8f5aec36f1a9a8310f6173dfd431246a215d1b00facc9b38e 02 0.0007 BLOC
bbaba8d7008171694111195d8379b9457e9d883bc1960b1472947fed34da8e6c 02 0.0007 BLOC
d010e14fc43df2fcd204c8d044d6efcdb32ec8d259a7c27882ba0b65db900d71 02 0.0007 BLOC
ddd102395bcfc3918de4b5127d6f32402fc2c850e0813c9488174a927f7ca337 02 0.0007 BLOC



Unlock Time Key Type
125310 0c84f93a25c4555727078bea996b36f3222efb3bbdbb8cddc79613761b776188 0
72107 b0e1f2e76e1d0d08c04a6e452b17567643bd598d997696ffab28d0683f67231a 0
139651 ebc592084f2832341964dad3f510c73684d608c544592f66e2a09d1550d04c23 0
82772 0799f0ed59842c033b7fcf80483f147dba55b2e6830a1e13b1da40ae91e2eddf 0
400016 c0387dcd5c686b750d18b675da4c1866e57db3fa8af26b8ac1ca384ea00425e1 0
399132 d28f84ab37deda38eac4950b161930324b00d4e25ae13830240649bf1e894b02 0
82862 c35fafb6782eaeea81d49c1112be0cf704b9da7aa5a2e8df11789b4b40276090 0
71642 7de4bc56a3837d84d093df64115cf733bbd65e00349a2437ee5e7cfe05939835 0
85994 c1421e4b339b38f5fb60552e88f55910ae2a5cbc334c51ff22bf2dff7a0ec5e0 0
207363 c7afa9d1785ea65d6ad971575552d6264e9bed7928a9835e9f3dcfa68a83a5af 0
63808 7ec793f922aebf3a76ee223913a85dfb7efd1a59fe1203af2be5642714746ea1 0
83920 abaa7b6033e9abd389d65b2f270858efb0b5b4c8ac46ce745110803333e28c86 0
70420 53d554ae9b679a4b3ed6f213071676adc91327994dfd8f8c24b504ddfabd06f0 0
80600 ab8371f0a738ae5a6f30da4dd4d280091ed0e906df75b736d0434b15e1224280 0
399903 6496a8ae1953d56dc39d571d734193042bbf17d49855e822cd1cc8149037de86 0

Cryptocurrency powered by an open-source blockchain with anonymous transactions

The blockchain is the technology allowing to send money without the need of intermediaries

The blockchain is a decentralized memory of all transactions. Meaning that its records are shared between every user in the network. Every operation in the order, dating back to the very first, is engraved in the Blockchain. You can browse through the Blockchain using the "BLOC Explorer".

No one has the possibility to rewrite or modify the Blockchain ledger, the protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Everyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and running the software.

The BLOC.MONEY Ƀ BLOC is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses a universal open-source public ledger like Bitcoin. However, unlike the blockchain technology that powers many other cryptocurrencies, Ƀ BLOC currency make it essentially impossible to tell which party sent money and which party received money on the blockchain. All that can be seen is an approximate amount of money that was sent in the transaction. Except for the sender and the beneficary of course.

No third party is required to keep your safe. Nobody can seize your You are the only reponsible of your fund. You and only you can control your fund. You are your own bank.

Cryptonote technology also relies on a hash-based proof-of-work algorithm that is significantly different than that of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Ƀ BLOC uses a memory-bound function called CryptoNight Haven. Our Proof Of Work algortyhm is designed to make low end and high end hardware mining roughly equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. This can help mining to remain a lot more distributed, as opposed to centralized. The algorithms behind CryptoNote technology also enable protection against double spending, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian proof of work, and adaptive parameters.

it is about time to change the world we are living in and provide a better future to our progeny. A real decentralized world. That's one of our mission with Ƀ BLOC to build a more open, accessible, and fair financial future. Our technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering users across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately and without costly intermediaries.

Find out more about the BLOC.MONEY. Visit the official BLOC.MONEY website. You are also welcome on the BLOC.MONEY Telegram® group.