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0.0100 BLOC
65.6329 BLOC
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2019-08-14 00:28:57
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33.21 KB
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61689 d8e36108919eadb8e2174daea6e7a2532c12598fe79071e7e99515dbc56eae15 0
325869 b91714c6755fb9f485fedf50d822bc6481435c06d99934c7578671fd18a08716 0
54344 8b4b51884c0f45819408ca8a6ecf31e0ce484eddcb0e752c4a0f6b298482897e 0
112210 6cb19c68beec05a8be36bf24a9ce2edc569ca1a3ac0e54d3ed1520b25f1308b3 0
60823 1ef4c4acf7ef8587ec4bedc37c4f6cfe3a6fe3eae22b036aaad37b00b14dce44 0
129575 d031693000a253973ed58dfe8112c1dbd0fcbaf461d13c320e114feb7b3a9ad4 0
53388 6c447c1956b2b3400db269ee782b136e417537a48af543a4628eef47d4ac0756 0
325869 753bbf726ae4ab1851b89a4e4412e3e12dd1c2188aefb25bda6002a6758705c7 0
60823 19f9b2d3d83309e274095ac07d1ea716c91e4a6e6713545aba291d8b296c5fdf 0
73249 d30be71d1de9278135236fb02a2990b2caec3cb0e76c532ca39112a3f9fd51b6 0
90645 47f10754c7651ba1bd143acec4db5ef55ba4e859ccef8f610ff2283a78ed6cd0 0
112210 ff8b30f88ccb96f612a81af5043b73883d0f8357f8347bd8f7fc9d7714b37d67 0
325869 b88a6449cc0b579ab3baf85b99c1dd570c7ca1dfbf62415864918af1df3a949b 0
61429 89cad4e569a489202600dde3e2a290600abf0ec29eb13e76fba8cee18621d1fa 0
90645 069352fa89d32ee1f8db9a589073703886930adb1b602935e81b79356ea743a7 0
112210 9f9852c8eaf227c20c53e6c91518aaae746df3f4aed1c961d36fd9914026f152 0
73999 0105bcf2ed17353689b90c8627b3d4d8701003842a32387eca17c424a187ec02 0
90553 bbb53934d76bc90439113d85b6adf573db8b1526bbb79d83418f5efea927dd90 0
129483 d24eb2b925e4960fc4a08227c62f43a974df3ead7f9531ff7fe576f242a55493 0
62291 6e173997b834b5214c5bb9a1f6f84c61ecf3be96010d63863a91caf423f90eaf 0
54595 5bf4b7feb22285d82375f146a880f952d3c4f131af99653794e33ca66812707c 0
90357 8b64aa6c1ad20efabe8ea9d8850002da2378e0b745f3637e8b0c4d7466a497be 0
73999 d9bafb889aef879f7f48fac86438559343a62fd63fc58eb8617d3cd3482855ae 0
325869 2a422324ae4cfefa3dcd447b2a0e7f558fecbd9eb3934f0b13d252715e228833 0
129575 da689598cdb7ff0f3fc6b7c36a2084139d85bb38040d0c325acac71ce687641c 0

Cryptocurrency powered by an open-source blockchain with anonymous transactions

The blockchain is the technology allowing to send money without the need of intermediaries

The blockchain is a decentralized memory of all transactions. Meaning that its records are shared between every user in the network. Every operation in the order, dating back to the very first, is engraved in the Blockchain. You can browse through the Blockchain using the "BLOC Explorer".

No one has the possibility to rewrite or modify the Blockchain ledger, the protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Everyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and running the software.

The BLOC.MONEY Ƀ BLOC is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses a universal open-source public ledger like Bitcoin. However, unlike the blockchain technology that powers many other cryptocurrencies, Ƀ BLOC currency make it essentially impossible to tell which party sent money and which party received money on the blockchain. All that can be seen is an approximate amount of money that was sent in the transaction. Except for the sender and the beneficary of course.

No third party is required to keep your safe. Nobody can seize your You are the only reponsible of your fund. You and only you can control your fund. You are your own bank.

Cryptonote technology also relies on a hash-based proof-of-work algorithm that is significantly different than that of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Ƀ BLOC uses a memory-bound function called CryptoNight Haven. Our Proof Of Work algortyhm is designed to make low end and high end hardware mining roughly equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. This can help mining to remain a lot more distributed, as opposed to centralized. The algorithms behind CryptoNote technology also enable protection against double spending, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian proof of work, and adaptive parameters.

it is about time to change the world we are living in and provide a better future to our progeny. A real decentralized world. That's one of our mission with Ƀ BLOC to build a more open, accessible, and fair financial future. Our technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering users across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately and without costly intermediaries.

Find out more about the BLOC.MONEY. Visit the official BLOC.MONEY website. You are also welcome on the BLOC.MONEY Telegram® group.