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0.0000 BLOC
10.1000 BLOC
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2019-12-03 02:03:34
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3.99 KB
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171967 1472d0ccdb77eccd67b977e12be27476e544e2d40acfb3bc0c42299e3dd22463 0
171965 df987b8a98d7071e5f35becc61dc430d7d74a1971cf32e95a38e2530cfc5bdc6 0
152934 35369390462f550fb9acef7389cc03ab5fecbf1cfe1f9cc9045eee12680f4eb4 0
152933 02e63a0c41fb11aa637202a3ac918c9c6e731d80fa57c3b97222b642600ae6df 0
152931 6278a333aa05114d6eb450adab1ff767e925f4773eabbb19b60215a72556248a 0
144142 17c66d8caa150437baaf124d6baab61b4db49a0ab4f8db14c50d64888651d78f 0
144141 45c1cdaefd3dd434ab68db5c0507cbc1cbd030b130ac20876bb1e02c4a7966f2 0
144143 822de30ad0f7032c0e86bb2c154965fdbfb9ebb457df715c5836486cf5019ca6 0
138346 6d32d1bffd18b908810ba2c6bdd89d2c5a0cc202062404214906e101c80fca60 0
138345 8ff6fb61d487c1399d32c0f73db492e31c75bf12e830057936e706f454e32156 0
138349 a4c64b9b419cd09b994d82c8663a4dcff669c5d1498a57bd25807ae70553ffb0 0
129423 488c2d8cbac250b46c11ee4311b145a21c707cb4736c144083ebe5647ddceb44 0
129422 dd11929e1be6cd4197929d7efc3eaafd620751d1f4cefe404a16ca893f387700 0
129424 18dd2637cc4070ef902db32f7e0e870ee22922cc4ed5bcd9ef381bbfa9993e5f 0
129419 5129f1e67ed03225bab0c9949dacf076747c62ecc5fbeba9f0a4ccaaaedbff8d 0
129799 14d291f297dcef6b822bdc5493f83fa5a15c024fbc753a447909492e8281aca1 0
132142 3b2d4cca7c2c1f1a6f78a791f1a44b54322deb07d42276f13774e902aa673f5e 0
132141 c713099cb3e025ea980b21b50a0b02378bd09601d8f154e5348b4e03cd0094c5 0
132143 7cbf6b7456e57643ad05c0304dff2a044c36d9f81c69105b30f231a6ca90551c 0
145226 e1110cef6a0838946a07f873a704c306152041f54441c322eeab60c9e64b02fb 0
145224 6951826b956f51b155bc91700bd60d472b1d5a3c1a7d08a305b33c4ab190a098 0
221848 42202e74cf1c8f2e092a1afbb46805d25c443ec1ed12f4845c95b1bbe183b16c 0

Cryptocurrency powered by an open-source blockchain with anonymous transactions

The blockchain is the technology allowing to send money without the need of intermediaries

The blockchain is a decentralized memory of all transactions. Meaning that its records are shared between every user in the network. Every operation in the order, dating back to the very first, is engraved in the Blockchain. You can browse through the Blockchain using the "BLOC Explorer".

No one has the possibility to rewrite or modify the Blockchain ledger, the protocol is unalterable and incorruptible by nature. Everyone can join the network simply by downloading the wallet and running the software.

The BLOC.MONEY Ƀ BLOC is based on the CryptoNote technology and uses a universal open-source public ledger like Bitcoin. However, unlike the blockchain technology that powers many other cryptocurrencies, Ƀ BLOC currency make it essentially impossible to tell which party sent money and which party received money on the blockchain. All that can be seen is an approximate amount of money that was sent in the transaction. Except for the sender and the beneficary of course.

No third party is required to keep your safe. Nobody can seize your You are the only reponsible of your fund. You and only you can control your fund. You are your own bank.

Cryptonote technology also relies on a hash-based proof-of-work algorithm that is significantly different than that of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrencies. Ƀ BLOC uses a memory-bound function called CryptoNight Haven. Our Proof Of Work algortyhm is designed to make low end and high end hardware mining roughly equally efficient and restrict ASIC mining. This can help mining to remain a lot more distributed, as opposed to centralized. The algorithms behind CryptoNote technology also enable protection against double spending, blockchain analysis resistance, egalitarian proof of work, and adaptive parameters.

it is about time to change the world we are living in and provide a better future to our progeny. A real decentralized world. That's one of our mission with Ƀ BLOC to build a more open, accessible, and fair financial future. Our technology is revolutionizing the financial services industry by empowering users across the globe to authenticate and transact immediately and without costly intermediaries.

Find out more about the BLOC.MONEY. Visit the official BLOC.MONEY website. You are also welcome on the BLOC.MONEY Telegram® group.